Easy Ways to Lay Out a Snooker Table

Snooker is a game played with 22 balls, comprising eight different colours, on a 12-foot by 6-foot table that has six pockets and is marked with two distinct patterns. Laying everything out in the correct places takes some getting used to, but there are a number of simple procedures that if followed can reduce a lot of confusion.

The Red Balls

Working from the top cushion end of the table (the end with no markings), take the triangle and collect all the red balls into it. There are 15 of these. Position the triangle so that its tip is pointing toward the baulk line and "D" semicircle: the bottom cushion end of the table. The baulk line is 29 inches from the bottom cushion and is marked on the table widthways.

The Black and Pink Balls

Position the black ball behind and in the centre of the red balls (at the base of the triangle), 12.5 inches from the top cushion. The pink ball is placed at the tip of the triangle.

The Blue Ball

Place the blue ball in the centre of the table, in line with the middle two pockets.

The Brown, Green and Yellow Balls

Collect the brown, green and yellow balls and place them on the baulk line at the bottom cushion end of the table (furthest away from the triangle of reds). Looking at the baulk line from the top cushion, arrange these balls so that the brown is in line with the blue ball in the centre of the baulk line; the green is placed to the right of the brown at the point where the "D" semicircle touches the baulk line; and the yellow is to the left of the brown, again at the point where the "D" semicircle touches the baulk line.

The Cue Ball

Place the cue ball (the white ball) anywhere in the "D" semicircle. Remove the triangle from around the reds, and--congratulations--your snooker table layout is complete.

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