How do I convert 91% rubbing alcohol to 70% rubbing alcohol?

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Rubbing alcohol is a solution of isopropyl alcohol in water. Ninety-one per cent rubbing alcohol contains 91 per cent isopropyl alcohol as measured by volume and is useful for a wide variety of tasks and chores around the home, including first aid, cleaning and disinfecting surfaces. In general, it's not necessary to dilute 91 per cent rubbing alcohol before using it, but if you need a weaker solution of rubbing alcohol to clean a particular item, follow the steps outlined below.

Measure out one cup of 91 per cent rubbing alcohol, and pour it into the plastic container.

Add one-third of a cup of water and stir to mix the solution. The solution is now 70 per cent rubbing alcohol.

Repeat this procedure as often as needed to obtain the desired amount of 70 per cent rubbing alcohol.

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