How to Make Menu Holders for a Wedding Reception

Updated February 21, 2017

A menu holder serves two valuable purposes at a wedding reception: from a decorating perspective it can add a sophisticated touch, and from a practical perspective it can make the menu easier for your guests to see and read. For wedding receptions in which each guest table only receives one menu, a menu holder is an excellent way to present the meal to the guests. What is more, making menu holders for a wedding reception takes only a few supplies, a little creativity and a couple of hours.

Plan the details for the menu holder that you want to have at your wedding reception. Menu holders come in a range of options: basic acrylic shields, small metal (or plastic) stands, wooden frames and wire frame easels. Each of these can be an excellent option, although decorating small metal stands tends to be the simplest approach. The small metal stands will pinch the menu from the bottom in order to hold it in place, but it will also enable guests to remove it easily, review the meal, and pass the menu to others at the table.

Purchase the metal stands from your local craft supply store or from an online wedding supply merchant. Look for the type of stands that are typically used to display cards (such as Christmas cards). Locate stands that are as simple as possible so that you can focus on providing the decoration for them.

Use the spray paint to provide the colour you want for the metal stands. Be sure to spray the stands outdoors, covering the ground with a large layer of newspaper to catch paint that falls. Check all sides of the stands as you are spray painting them to ensure that you do not miss any areas.

Add decorative accessories to the stands after they dry. Depending on the theme at the reception, you can accessorise the menu holders any way that you prefer. Fresh flowers around the base of the stand can add an elegant touch, or a simple ribbon tied around the menu holder can tie it in with the wedding colours.


If your craft supply store does not carry the stands that you want for the reception, consider checking with online restaurant supply merchants. Menu holders are common in certain types of restaurants, so you are sure to find the type of stand that you are looking for. Additionally, by buying them in bulk you stand the chance of getting a discount.

Things You'll Need

  • Menus
  • Small metal stands
  • Spray paint
  • Decorative accessories (flowers, ribbon)
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