How to stretch leather gloves

Written by abby vaun | 13/05/2017
How to stretch leather gloves
Stretch your leather gloves to fit your hands. (leather black gloves image by Indigo Fish from

Leather clothing and accessories are durable and effective at protecting you from the cold. Leather is a soft, supple material that can stretch to mould and fit your body. Although you can take your leather gloves to a professional and have them stretched if they are too tight, you can easily do this at home without any special sprays or tools.

Fill your sink with warm water.

Submerge the gloves completely in the warm water.

Knead the gloves while they are in the warm water, working the water through the leather.

Soak the gloves for about 10 minutes.

Drain the water and put the gloves on while they are wet. Wear them for an hour or two and they should stretch and mould to fit your hands perfectly.


  • Allow your gloves to air dry. Never put leather in the dryer.

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