How to Remove Rust From a Scotty Cameron

Scotty Cameron began hand-making his putters in the early '90s and they quickly caught on with tour superstars like Bernhard Langer and Tiger Woods. Scotty Cameron putters are prized possessions in the golfing world. They are made with milled carbon steel heads which give the clubs a specific feel when striking the ball.

Fill the bucket with water. Apply some soap to the cloth and clean the entire club head. Rinse off the soap in the water and repeat two to three times.

Dry the club. Apply a small amount of metal cleaner or polish to a clean rag. Rub in circular motions over the rust spots. Start out rubbing lightly then progressively add more pressure.

Rinse the club in the water to remove any rust that was scrubbed loose as well as the excess metal cleaner.

Add a small amount metal cleaner to the extra fine steel wool. Rub very lightly over only the rust spots. Ensure you are only hitting the rust spots. If needed, rub with more pressure to remove deep or heavy rust.

Rinse the club in the water and wipe away any excess metal cleaner or rust.


When using the steel wool, be as gentle as possible. If you rub the golf club head with too much pressure it may scratch the finish of the areas without any rust.

Things You'll Need

  • Bucket
  • Soap
  • Two cloths
  • Metal cleaner or polish
  • Steel wool (extra fine)
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