How to Download Songs Onto Your iPod Via PS3

Updated February 21, 2017

Transferring songs from your PS3 to your iPod is a way to get all of the music that you have downloaded from the PlayStation network onto your mobile music device. Most people don't use the USB ports in the front of the console for the wide variety of options they offer.

Turn on your PlayStation 3 console.

Press the "PS" button on the front of the controller. The four red lights will blink a couple of times, then there will be one static red light on the controller. This means that the controller has connected to the PlayStation 3.

Scroll through the PS3 dashboard until you come to "Music." Stop on this icon and press the "X" button. You will be taken into the music menu, but don't choose anything yet.

Turn your iPod on. Wait for it to boot and plug the iPod's USB cable into the bottom of the iPod.

Plug the other end of the USB cable into one of the empty USB ports on the front of the PlayStation 3 console. You will see an icon pop up under the music menu on the PS3 dashboard that reads, "USB Device" or "iPod," depending on how your iPod is configured.

Select the desired song using your PS3 controller. Press the triangle button, then select "Copy" from the options.

Select "USB Device" or "iPod" from the options the menu gives you. Wait for the transfer to occur.

Go back to your PlayStation 3 dashboard under the music menu and select the iPod. Press the triangle button and select "Eject" from the options. Wait for the iPod icon to disappear from the menu.

Unplug the iPod from the PS3 and scroll through your songs to make sure the one you wanted has transferred.


Some song titles will not transfer to the iPod.

Things You'll Need

  • Television
  • iPod USB cable
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