How to Paint Steel Golf Club Heads

Updated April 17, 2017

Golf clubs are always nice and shiny when they are new. Unfortunately, with use your clubs can become scratched and dull. Years of repeated usage makes them even more dull, and any die-hard golfer knows that scratches can actually hurt your golf game. You can make your clubs look like new again by painting the heads. Use different colours if you want to be able to tell your clubs apart at a quick glance.

Clean the golf club head using the rotary tool and brass brush attachment. Set the rotary tool to the lowest speed available. Cean in between the grooves to remove excessive dirt and scratches.

Wash your scrubbed head with dish liquid and water to get rid of the debris you removed with the brass brush. Allow to air dry completely.

Stir your oil-based paint(s) thoroughly to make sure the colour and oil are blended well.

Apply your paint in thin, even coats using a small paint brush, allowing each application to dry before adding another. Apply as many coats as you need based on how you want the golf club head to look. For a more distinguishing look, apply more coats; for a less noticeable look, apply fewer coats.

Apply the clear sealer/lacquer when the paint is completely dry. Allow this to dry completely as well.

Polish the golf club head gently using the cloth polishing attachment and the rotary tool. Again, use the lowest speed available on your rotary tool.


During the polishing, make sure that you are not applying too much pressure; you may peel off the paint or the clear sealer/lacquer.

Things You'll Need

  • Rotary tool
  • Brass brush attachment
  • Cloth polishing attachment
  • Dish liquid and water
  • Small paint brush
  • Oil-based paint(s)
  • Clear paint sealer/lacquer
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