How to Make Your Own CD Cover Using Free Software

Written by tina amo | 13/05/2017
How to Make Your Own CD Cover Using Free Software
Use free software online to create a CD cover. (cd/dvd closed jewel case (with paths) image by Tristano Ajmone from

You can make your own CDs with the CD burner on your personal computer. If you wish to create a professional appearance for the disc, you can also make a CD cover that you can place in the jewel case. A number of websites offer software you can use to design a cover and some make them available for use on their website free or charge, eliminating the need to download the program. A printer is all you need to create an attractive CD cover.

Visit a website offering free CD cover creation services. These include, and

Choose the type of project you are working on. Some sites, like Readwritethink, give visitors the option of creating a CD cover, DVD cover or booklet.

Select a layout. The availability of layout options will vary by website. For instance, Readwritethink provides various CD cover layouts while Bighugelabs provides just one.

Upload a picture, if this option is available. Bighugelabs will accept any picture you submit but you can only choose a graphic provided by Readwritethink.

Click the "Create" button for the software to create your CD cover. The button may have a different name depending on the website. The program may generate the cover as a PDF or Word file. Print the CD cover.

Cut the CD cover out of the printout. Use the lines on the CD cover to fold it into the appropriate shape and place it in the cover of a CD jewel case.

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