How to Make Homemade Items to Sell on eBay

Updated March 23, 2017

Crafts are ideal for sellers who are new to eBay or for those who are interested in turning their hobby into profit. Making items to sell on eBay can be more affordable for a start-up since there is no overhead to buy. To create handmade items on eBay, you only need to purchase supplies to make the item. Once you find your niche, selling handmade items on eBay can be a fun and simple way to turn a profit.

Pick a hobby that you are most interested in or have the most experience with. Some common handmade crafts that are sold on eBay include handmade jewellery, clothing, quilts, wooden figurines or furniture and bath/body products.

Purchase the supplies that you will need to create your handmade item. Record the price that you paid for your supplies so that you can use it when figuring the price of your handmade craft.

Create a few of your handmade items. Make each item unique by varying the type colour, size or theme that is used.

Set a price that you would like to sell your handmade item at. Figure the price by calculating the cost of supplies and the time that it took to create the craft. Make a decision whether you will sell it as "buy now" or as an auction listing on eBay. If you would like to sell your craft at a specific price, put a reserve price on the listing.

Package the craft item carefully when you ship it. Clothing items should be clean, washed and folded neatly. Jewellery or glass items should be wrapped and packaged in a box to avoid breakage. Liquid item should be securely tightened to avoid spills. Include a thank you card or a coupon to the winner to encourage them to shop with you again.

Things You'll Need

  • Supplies to make craft
  • Packaging materials for shipping
  • Thank you card or coupon
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