Homemade Adult Costumes: Queen of Hearts

Updated February 21, 2017

The Queen of Hearts has been a famous villain in children's literature since Lewis Carroll created her in the book "Alice in Wonderland" in 1865. Since 1903, more than 20 film adaptations of the book have emerged. The Queen of Hearts remains a popular character to impersonate. When creating her costume, don't feel compelled to mirror costumes from films. Instead, you can create the costume by putting together strategically decorated pieces of clothing.

Buy a black, gold or red full skirt, preferably out of shiny material such as taffeta or satin. Make sure the skirt touches the floor.

Put a tulle petticoat beneath the skirt to give it volume.

Cut various sizes of hearts out of red velvet. It is OK if the hearts aren't symmetrical, as asymmetrical hearts will give your costume an interesting, chaotic effect.

Glue or sew the hearts around the front of the skirt. You can glue or sew them in a discernible pattern or scatter them haphazardly around the skirt.

Put on a white, black or red button-down shirt with a high collar. Add a black or red corset on top of the blouse.

Pin a large red or gold heart-shaped pin to the top of the corset, just above your bust. If you can't find such a pin, cut a heart out of cardboard and paint it red or gold. Glue a pinback to the back and pin it to your costume once the glue dries.

Cover your face in white face paint. Apply lipstick into a heart shape on top of your lips using red lipstick and a paintbrush or lip brush.

Put a bright red wig on your head, preferably one that has long, billowing hair. Twist the hair into a large bun on the top of your head with a hair pin.

Place a gold crown or tiara at the top. Carry a sceptre. Wear black or red boots.


You can purchase a deck of cards and staple playing cards with red hearts along the hem of your skirt for an added detail.

Things You'll Need

  • Full skirt: black, red or gold
  • Tulle petticoat
  • Red velvet
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue or needle and thread
  • High-collared blouse: red, black or white
  • Black or red corset
  • Heart-shaped pin
  • Cardboard
  • Gold or red paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Pinback
  • Glue
  • White face paint
  • Red lipstick
  • Paint brush or lip brush
  • Red wig
  • Hair pin
  • Crown or tiara
  • Sceptre
  • Boots: red or black
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