How to Connect a DVD Recorder to the TV & Cable Box

Updated February 21, 2017

Hooking up a DVD recorder to a television and cable box makes it possible to capture programming on a media disc for playback on the TV. The DVD recorder can also be turned on for watching television programming from the cable box without making a DVD recording of a show. The three components are equipped with colour-coded jacks for the audio-video connections, which simplifies the set-up.

Connect the red, green and blue (RGB) plugs on one end of a composite cable set to the colour-coded video output jacks on the cable box. These cables transmit the three video signals to the DVD recorder.

Plug the RGB cables on the other end into the video input jacks on the back of the DVD recorder.

Connect the white and red audio plugs on the component cables to the left and right audio output jacks on the cable box, then push the plugs on the other end into the audio input jacks on the DVD recorder.

Plug in a second set of component cables from the DVD recorder's AV output jacks to a set of AV input jacks on the TV's back panel, using the same colour codes to match the plugs to the jacks. The RGB video cables connect to the three red, green and blue video jacks; white and red audio cables connect to left and right audio jacks, respectively.

Turn on the equipment and press the "Input" button on the TV remote control several times until the cable TV signal appears on the screen.


Turn on the DVD recorder to watch cable television even if the component is not being used for recording.


Connect the AV cables between the components before plugging the power cords into the electricity.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 sets of component video cables
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