How to Block Your IP Address When Downloading Torrents

Updated March 23, 2017

Your computer's IP address is what identifies it when you're on the Internet. It is much like your Social Security number or fingerprint. When you access peer-to-peer sharing sites, such as torrent sites, your IP address is displayed publicly, creating an unnecessary risk of being hacked or spammed. Blocking your IP address from view while downloading torrent files is a relatively easy process that requires a minimal amount of computer knowledge to accomplish. The easiest way is to use an IP address masking application.

Purchase IP-obscuring software. Software applications such as Hide IP Platinum, GOTrusted and Easy Hide IP (see Resources) are designed to mask your IP address by creating false ones to show to the public. You can buy each of these applications online and download them to begin using them immediately.

Visit the manufacturer's site, make your purchase and download the application. Install the software on your computer by following the instructions given in the installation wizard.

Open the application and activate the IP-masking function. The software will search and find a false IP address for you, and then insert it between your computer and the Internet, preserving the safety of your computer's IP address. Some applications, such as Hide IP Platinum, will allow you to activate the software by using an assigned hot key. Others, such as Easy Hide IP, will allow you to choose the location where your false IP address is acquired.

Visit a peer-to-peer file-sharing site such as Mininova, Isohunt or Torrentz (see Resources), and locate a file you wish to download by either browsing the available titles or using the available search bar. Activate the download process by clicking "Download Torrent." The torrent site will see only the false IP address that your IP-masking software is providing.

After you are done downloading the file, you can turn the masking software off by simply closing the software application.


This process will not prevent your ISP from detecting illegal downloading of copyrighted material from file-sharing sites.

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