How to scan documents on a copier to send to a computer or email

Updated April 17, 2017

Many copiers now include additional features such as scanning and faxing. The convenience of having a copier that scans documents to send to your computer makes it easier to e-mail documents to clients or companies. Scanning a document so it saves to your computer isn't difficult once you're familiar with your particular copier's functions. With the press of a button, most copiers quickly scan your documents to save or e-mail later.

Turn on the copier and your computer. Check that your copier is connected to your computer before you begin.

Lay the document on the copier with the printed side down on the glass.

Press the "Scan" button to begin the scanning process. Follow the on-screen steps on the copier or on your computer for your particular brand of copier.

Confirm the scanned image is accurate. If not, reset the document on the copier and scan it again. Otherwise, click "Next" or "OK" to complete the scanning process.

Select a destination for your document. Save your document to the computer, giving it a name and location you easily remember, or enter an e-mail address if available.

Open your preferred e-mail program and attach the document to an e-mail if the copier cannot send the file directly to your e-mail address. Select a recipient to send the scanned document and click "Send" after composing your message.


Confirm you entered the email address into the copier correctly to send your important documents to the correct person.

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