How to create a fun activity passport for children

Updated April 17, 2017

When children are out of school on the long summer holidays, you need to keep them occupied, even productive. If you don't have a travel budget, you can still use a passport. You can create one in no time at all. It will keep your little ones active and channel their energies in any direction you choose.

Assemble the passport. Cut the white paper lengthwise and crosswise into four equal-sized rectangles. Cut the card crosswise in half. Keep one piece of coloured card for the cover. Retain the other piece for your next project. Stack the white pieces of paper on top of the coloured cover. Fold the paper crosswise to make a passport booklet. The passport should have 16 pages not including the cover. Make two holes near the fold of the passport. Lace the ribbon through the holes and tie in a knot to secure. Take care not to tie too tightly or the paper will bunch. Have the children draw a boat, plane, car or train on the front cover and label it with their names. On the first page, write in the child's citizenship country, city of birth, and gender just like in a real passport. Paste the child's school photo to the page.

Generate a list of passport activities. You could plan the passport around a theme, like reading, for example. This does not mean that all the activities have to be books. Use your imagination to come up with creative ideas. One reading activity could be a trip to the local library. Or, they can read and follow a simple recipe. You can also plan the activities around a theme like water fun or making crafts, visiting new places or even trying new foods. Children are very creative, so get them come up with activities they will really enjoy. You will need 15 activities to fill the passport. These might include: Visiting a local fire station, police station, museums, cinema, theatre, litter picking, helping neighbours with chores or learning more about the child's family tree.

Assign an activity to each of the remaining 15 pages. Write the activity on the page and decorate it with an image that is related to the activity. Be sure to leave room for the "stamp."

When the children need something to do, open the passport and pick an activity. They can be completed in any order. Once the activity is completed, stamp the page. When the passport is filled up, make a new one and start all over again.

Things You'll Need

  • 23 by 30.5 cm (9 by 12 inch) white drawing paper
  • 23 by 30.5 cm (9 by 12 inch) coloured card
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Ribbon or string
  • Crayons or coloured pencils
  • Assorted small stickers, stamps or templates in 16 designs
  • Wallet-sized school photo
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