How to Bypass the Micro Chips on Canon Inkjet Cartridges

Updated February 21, 2017

Certain Canon printers are outfitted with a micro chip that monitors the ink level in each ink cartridge. These micro chips also make it so the printer will not work with a refilled or aftermarket ink cartridge. Many people choose to purchase cartridges that do not come directly from Canon to save money on the cost of printing. There is a way to bypass the micro chips on these printers and use a refilled or aftermarket in cartridge.

Turn the printer on and open the access door. Wait for the print cartridge carriage to come to a stop. Put the refilled or aftermarket cartridge into the printer and close the access door.

Wait for the printer to detect the cartridge. A warning message will come onto the screen telling you that the correct level of ink in the new cartridge cannot be detected. Click on "Ok" to proceed using the new cartridge.

Click on "Yes" when the next error message comes onto the screen. This message will warn you that using the new cartridge could result in damage to the printer.

Click on "Yes" one more time for the last warning message. This message confirms that you understand the risk of using a refilled cartridge and that Canon will not be liable for damage to the printer.

Follow the on-screen instructions to hold the "Resume" button on the printer for at least five seconds. If you printer does not have a "Resume" button click on the "Ok" or "Cancel" button that you would normally press to clear paper jams from the printer.

Use the printer as normal, keeping in mind the ink level will not be monitored on the new cartridge.


Never force an ink cartridge into or out of the printer. Each cartridge should easily click into and out of its spot.

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