How to Create a Check Box in Excel 2007

Updated July 20, 2017

Microsoft Excel features many different options for creating the perfect spreadsheet. In addition to calculating data and presenting graphs a user can create a form complete with a radio button or even a check box. Coupled with Excel's strong data management, users can send their Excel spreadsheets as surveys, applications, and have the data all in one location. Adding a check box to an Excel 2007 spreadsheet can be done after enabling Developer settings.

Open Microsoft Excel 2007.

Click the "Office" button located in the left corner of the window represented by the Microsoft Office Logo.

Click "Excel Options" located along the bottom of the menu on the right.

Click the tab titled "Popular" and select the check box next to "Show Developer tab in the Ribbon." Click "OK" when you have finished to exit.

Click the "Developer" tab along the Office menu. Click "Insert" and select the check box from the set of options.

Click-and-drag your mouse to draw the check box to your desired size.

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