How to Deactivate the Ink Chip in a Lexmark

Updated February 21, 2017

Many Lexmark printers are outfitted with an ink chip that monitors the level of the ink in the ink cartridges and alerts the user of problems such as a clogged print head. If you try to install and use a refilled or third-party ink cartridge in one of these Lexmark printers, you will also find the ink chip is designed so these unauthorised cartridges will not work in the printer. There is a way to get around the ink chip in a Lexmark so you can use other ink cartridges.

Open the access cover on the printer and wait for the ink cartridge carriage to come to a stop. Install the new ink cartridge and close the printer's access door.

Wait for the printer's ink monitoring software to detect the new ink cartridge. An error message will appear warning you that the new cartridge is not a genuine Lexmark cartridge.

Click on the option on the ink monitoring software that lets you proceed with using the new ink cartridge. Another warning will come on the screen, detailing that using refilled or third party cartridges can void the printer's warranty. Click "Ok" to proceed.

Follow the on-screen instructions for disabling the ink monitoring software. This will have to be done for each refilled or third-party cartridge you install.

Use the printer as normal. Since the ink monitoring software is not functioning, it will not let you know the ink levels in your cartridges, so keep that in mind.


Never force an ink cartridge into or out of the carriage. Ink cartridges should easily snap in and out of place.

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