How to Connect Speakers to an Acer Laptop

Written by contributing writer | 13/05/2017
How to Connect Speakers to an Acer Laptop
Adding speakers to your laptop takes only a few seconds. (computer speakers image by sarit saliman from

The Acer company makes lines of budget laptops that come with the standard features like wireless Internet access and a Windows operating system. On top of these features, it also comes with a DVD and media player. These particular features are best experienced with high-quality audio. That's why it's possible for you to add external speakers to your Acer laptop. Connecting these speakers is a relatively simple process that has been designed to be as user-friendly as possible.

Locate the line-in jack on the side of your Acer laptop. It is the small hole with an icon in the form of sound waves with an arrow pointed into them. Not only is this port compatible with speakers, but it is also where you plug in headphones.

External speakers usually come with a power cord. Plug the speakers into a wall outlet.

Locate the plug on the end of your speaker cord. It has to be a stereo 1/8 mini plug because that is the only plug that will fit in the line-in jack.

Insert the plug into the line-in jack until it is secure and in as far as it will go. If it doesn't fit, it isn't a stereo 1/8 mini plug and you will have to use other speakers.

Open the media player on your computer and play a sound or song in order to test the speakers. Use the volume knob on the speakers, and the volume setting on your computer's control panel, to adjust the volume to your liking.

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