How Can I View Numbers Dialed & Received to My Home Phone?

Updated March 23, 2017

One feature people enjoy with their mobile phones is the ability to quickly access the record of missed, received and dialled calls. While landline home telephones may not be able to match that same level of convenience, there are still a few ways to view calls made to and from that phone, though in some cases only on a partial basis.

Contact your telephone provider to find out what level of detailed billing is available with your account. Some providers will include the itemised call list with the monthly phone bill, on a standard or optional basis. Other providers, however, may only keep a record of long distance dialled and received calls, and not for local ones.

Visit the website of your telephone provider and establish an online account. With this, you can log on and access the record of incoming and outgoing calls (to the same extent as is available with their itemised records), as well as other aspects of your account. This can be useful if you choose to have paperless billing.

Upgrade your phone if necessary. While older and basic home telephones do not provide the ability to view previous calls, other more elaborate models feature caller ID and an LCD screen for viewing the current incoming call when subscribing to the caller ID feature, and a memory that allows you to scroll down and view the most recent calls, sometimes 50 or more. Some even have dial number recall as well.

Purchase a stand-alone caller ID display unit if you wish to subscribe to this feature but have a phone with no display ability. These units are available to connect to the phone line to show incoming calls, and a history of missed and received calls. Some models, such as the COSY Caller ID Display Unit, will also record and display all incoming and outgoing calls.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone with caller ID display and memory or caller ID display unit
  • Subscription to caller ID feature
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