How to Set a Radio Controlled Timex Watch

Unlike traditional watches, Timex radio-controlled watches do not need to be manually set to tell the correct time. Timex radio-controlled, or atomic, watches receive a Coordinated Universal Time signal from a military base in Fort Collins, Colorado, twice a day, every day, to ensure that they keep accurate time. However, certain conditions can interfere with your watch's ability to synchronise with the atomic signal.

Press and hold the "Split/Reset" button to force your Timex radio-controlled watch to search for the nearest atomic signal. The tower symbol icon will flash, indicating that the watch is searching for the signal. It may take up to two minutes for your watch to locate the atomic signal. You can perform a forced synchronisation on your Timex radio-controlled watch at any time.

Look for the tower symbol icon on your radio-controlled watch display. If the icon is present, it means that your watch has been successfully synchronised within the past 24 hours.

Rotate your radio-controlled Timex watch 90 degrees if it is having trouble receiving the atomic signal. Sometimes changing the angle of the watch will make it easier for synchronisation to occur.

Move your Timex radio-controlled watch near a window or wall that faces toward Fort Collins, Colorado, where the atomic signal originates. This may make it easier for your watch to receive the signal broadcast.

Position your watch at least seven feet from any and all computer monitors. Computer monitors may interfere with your watch's ability to receive the atomic signal.

Take your Timex radio-controlled watch outside if it is having trouble receiving the signal indoors. Buildings with metal roofs and taller neighbouring buildings may be blocking the signal. Once your watch is outside and away from obstructions, press the "Split/Reset" button to force synchronisation.

Set the time and date on your Timex radio-controlled watch manually if you are unable to get it to synchronise. Press and hold the "Adjust" button to access the time-setting screen. Use the "Start/Split" and "Split/Reset" buttons to increase and decrease number values as desired. Press the "Mode" button to access the date-setting screen. Use the "Start/Split" and "Split/Reset" buttons to select the appropriate date. When you are finished setting the time and date, press the "Adjust" button to return to Timekeeping mode.


If your Timex radio-controlled watch still refuses to synchronise after you have attempted to troubleshoot it, contact Timex customer support for repair service.

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