Homemade Eyeglass & Cigarette Cases

Updated April 17, 2017

If you want to make a unique gift for someone special, or even if you just want to craft something fashionable for yourself--make a glasses/sunglasses case with a designer flair and a personal touch. For a trip to the beach or a night out on the town, make a case to match your style.

And if your someone special is a smoker, make a cigarette (or small cigar) case they can show off and easily carry in a pocket or purse.

Easy Fur Case

If you're fun lovin' and fur lovin' then a fur case is the one for you. Make a case to carry your sunglasses (or glasses) out of faux fur. Fold your faux fur over your sunglasses to determine the size needed. Cut accordingly then either stitch or use fabric glue around the bottom and one side. Tweak it to suit your personality. Leopard print? Why not? Make it as zany or sophisticated as you like. Add a leather or felt initial with fabric adhesive and it's personalised. Stitch down the edges to ensure it stays.

Potholder Case

One of the easiest cases to make is one using a square potholder. Just find a potholder with a pattern you like. Fold it in half and stitch or hot glue around bottom and up one side leaving the top (with loop holder) open to slip glasses into. Embellish with buttons, appliques, fabric transfers, initials, jewels, or whatever you like.

Let the Kids Make Them

Just about everyone wears glasses of some sort--reading glasses or sunglasses. Eyeglass cases are an easy and useful gift for kids to make. They can use craft foam, felt, recycled ribbon or scrap material and embellish with fabric paint, beads, appliques, cutouts, jewels or whatever you have around the house. Make it personal.

Cigarette Cases

If you or someone you know smokes cigarettes, why not make a special cigarette case? One of the most unique cases is easily made by taking the insides out of an old iPod, paint the inside of the screen black, and then all you need to do is lift off the cover and voila--you have a unique cigarette case.

Business card cases also make great cigarette cases. Just add your own embellishments by using hot glue to attach jewels or metal initials.

Another idea to make cigarette cases is to use the box from a deck of cards. Cover it with fancy paper and decorate. These cases open more like a cigarette pack, only with a fold down lid.

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