How to Transfer Cell Calls to a Landline

Updated April 13, 2017

With cell phones being everyday accessories, just about everyone has a cell phone on which they receive most of their calls. Despite this, many people still have landline home phones, and juggling a cell and home phone can be more of a nuisance than a convenience. Thanks to modern technology, there's a solution to this problem. It's possible to forward cell calls to a landline so that there is only one phone ringing at home or the office (and fewer missed calls in work places that do not allow personal cell phones). Cell providers have made forwarding calls an easy task, and most of the major providers use the same basic steps to forward calls.

Check with the wireless service provider for the cell phone to determine if call forwarding is included with the current calling plan. Also ask if there is an extra charge for utilising the call forwarding feature (sometimes called immediate call forwarding).

Activate call forwarding by dialling *72 on the cell phone. Do not press the "Send" button yet.

Enter the phone number that the calls will be forwarded to. It will look like *721112223333 on the screen (where the 1's are the area code, the 2's are the local code, and the 3's are the last four digits of the phone number).

Press the "Send" button on the cell phone. There will be either a confirmation tone or message, sometimes followed by a ring depending on the service provider.

Press the "End" button to hang up. Calls will be forwarded until the call forwarding is deactivated.

To deactivate call forwarding, dial *73, and press the "Send" button. Once again, either a confirmation tone or message will play.

Press the end button to hang up.


Most wireless phone providers still charge regular airtime minutes for calls forwarded to a landline. For questions on current airtime usage in order to avoid overage charges, most carriers allow you to track minutes online at their official websites. If the landline is busy, callers being forwarded will receive a busy signal and will not be sent to the voicemail box of the cell phone. If there is no answer on the landline, callers will be directed to the cell phone's voicemail. One exception to this is if the landline has an answering machine that picks up. Most wireless carriers allow you to set the number of rings before voicemail picks up. By setting this to a lower number, you can control whether the answering machine picks up on the landline. Most major providers still allow outgoing calls to be made on the cell phone while calls are being forwarded.

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