How to Spot a Replica Breitling

Updated April 17, 2017

Breitling is an expensive luxury watch, which makes it a popular watch on the counterfeit watch market. Many Breitlings are sold online, so the buyer cannot verify the authenticity of the watch before purchase. Breitling was originally made as an aviation watch, but is more commonly worn for its style. With a few tips and a careful eye, you can tell the difference between a replica and a genuine Breitling.

Turn the Breitling facedown to inspect the back of the watch case. All Breitlings have writing engraved on the case back, although different Breitling models have different designs. Determine whether or not the writing is engraved, stamped, or etched into the case. Authentic Breitlings will have clean, deep engraving, whereas replicas will have a stamped or etched case back. You can easily tell the difference between a genuine Breitling case back and a cheap replica. Some expensive replicas will have engraving on the back, so you should also look at other aspects of the watch to determine of it is real.

Turn the watch faceup. Look at the Breitling logo under the 12 o'clock. The logo should appear exactly like the Breitling logo, with wings, an anchor, and the "B." On replicas the details of the logo may be smeared together and the logo will look like it is a sticker. On real Breitlings, the logo is always slightly raised from the watch face. The Bentley will have a metal logo that is completely filled in, so you cannot look through the spaces in the wings to see the actual watch face. The Navitimer does not have a metal logo, but it is clean and perfect like the logo you would find on the Breitling website.

Make sure the chronometer works properly. Cheap replicas will not have a working chronometer, because that is an expensive feature. There should be only numbers around the chronograph dials, not days of the week or months.

Inspect the logo on the second hand. The second hand will have the "B" with an anchor below it, just like the actual logo without the wings. Many replicas have the anchor blended into the "B" or the "B" will not be exactly as it is in the logo.


A watch worker can tell if your Breitling is genuine by inspecting the movement inside the watch.

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