How to Format an LG Micro SD Card

Updated February 21, 2017

A micro SD (Secure Digital) card makes it easy to have thousands of songs or extra data available to you at any time on your LG phone. As of 2010, LG does not manufacture a micro SD card, but you can use any micro SD card in an LG phone. However, before you can use your card, you need to format it, which can be done on a Windows-based computer or in the phone itself.

Insert the micro SD card into the micro SD card slot on your LG phone. Press it into the slot until you feel it click into place. Some LG phones have the SD memory card port on the side of the phone, and others, such as the LG Shine II, have the memory card port in the back of the phone near the battery.

Turn your LG phone on and go to your main menu.

Select "Settings" and then select "Memory." If you do not have a "Memory" file under the "Settings" tab on your LG phone, check under the "Tools" menu for "Card Memory."

Select "Format Card" or "Restore Defaults" from the options list. Confirm that you wish to format the card if you are asked to. When the formatting is complete, the new micro SD card is ready to use.

Insert the micro SD card into a micro SD card adaptor and then into a built-in card reader on your computer. If you do not have a built-in card reader on your computer, insert the card adaptor into a USB card reader and then insert that into a USB port.

Click on "Start," and then double-click on "My Computer" in XP, or "Computer" in Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Look at the folders listed on the left side of the "Computer" window. Find the drive that represents your micro SD card, which may be listed as "Removable drive" or "Removable disc." Right-click on your micro SD card drive and select "Format" from the pop-up menu.

Select the correct file system for formatting your micro SD card. SanDisk, maker of SD memory cards, recommends choosing "FAT32" for SD cards that have a capacity of 4GB or higher and "FAT" for SD cards that have a capacity of 2GB or lower.

Click "Start" and your micro SD card will be formatted within minutes. The format screen will disappear when the formatting is complete.


If the instructions for formatting the micro SD card in your LG phone do not work for you, consult your user's guide for specific instructions. If you do not have your user's guide, you can find it under the "Resources" tab of your phone model on the LG website.


Formatting your micro SD card will delete any information that is currently on it.

Things You'll Need

  • Micro SD memory card
  • LG phone
  • Computer with Windows OS
  • Micro SD card adaptor
  • USB card reader
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