How to Cure Your Own Sheepskins

Updated February 21, 2017

Tanned sheepskins have many applications, from rugs to craft items. But before you tan your sheepskins, they must first be cured. Curing a hide can prevent deterioration or rotting of the hide and hair slip, which can lead to bald patches on the hide. Curing a hide can also break down globular proteins, which helps the hide absorb tanning agents during the tanning process.

Spread the hide out on a flat surface, hair side down, to allow it to air-dry.

Sprinkle fresh, clean salt over the hide once it has dried. Use 0.454kg. of salt per 0.454kg. of hide.

Rub salt into all cut edges of the hide as well as the neck, legs and any wrinkles.

Salt the hide again after the initial application of salt becomes saturated with moisture. This will typically be after two to three days. The hide should be completely dry within 14 days.


To cure several hides at once, pile a second hide, hair side down, on top of your first salted hide. Stack each hide in this way. Tilt the pile so that the liquid from the hides drains away rather than soaking into the bottom hide.

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