How to create an e flyer mail

Updated February 21, 2017

An e-flyer is a flyer you send by e-mail. The flyer can be simple or detailed and used for a business or pleasure. You can use bright, vibrant colours to make the e-flyer stand out. You should insert the contents of the e-flyer directly into the body of your e-mail instead of attaching it as a file. It's helpful to include regular text in parts of the e-flyer instead of pictures only, so readers who have plain text enabled can still read your e-mail.

Open your e-mail program and switch to Rich Text (HTML) format.

Include a subject in the subject line of your e-mail, then place your cursor within the body of the email message.

Pick a font, text size and bright colour you'd like to use for the heading. Then type in a catchy heading at the top of your flyer regarding the event or business you're promoting. Select the heading and centre it.

Go down to the next line and use the picture button in your e-mail program to insert a picture below the header. Try using a mid-sized image that emphasises the promotion, then centre the image on your page.

Add in any additional information about the function or advertisement below the image. Be sure to include the date, time and place if you're promoting an event.

Add a short text message to the bottom of your e-flyer linking to a web page (if you have one) with additional information about your business or event. The text may say, "Get Additional Information."

Create the link by selecting the short text and clicking on the hyperlink button for your e-mail program. Type the full website address (e.g., for the hyperlink and centre the text.

Check that the e-flyer is error-free and use a spellchecker to double-check your work. Then go to the "To:" field and enter the email addresses where the e-flyer will be sent.

Press the "Send" button to e-mail the e-flyer or "Save" to save it as a draft instead.

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