How to Attach a Cell Phone Strap

Updated April 17, 2017

A cell phone strap, more commonly called a lanyard, is an accessory that adds both decoration and utility. Mobile phone lanyards are available in countless styles and colours, with beads and other objects used to decorate them even more.

Before a lanyard can be attached to a cell phone, the lanyard holes need to be located. These are small holes that run through one edge of the phone and out another. They are typically found on the top corner of the cell phone. Refer to the phone's user manual for specifics.

Pull the looped end of the lanyard taut. If the lanyard has a loop on both ends, use the loop that is composed of a thin string.

Pinch the end of the loop so that it's as small as possible and push it into one of the phone's lanyard holes. Feed it in until it can be pulled from the other side. If the string is too large and it's having trouble fitting through, unbend a paper clip and use one end to help push.

Pull the loop through the lanyard holes as far as possible.

Feed the other end of the lanyard through the loop. Pull the lanyard until the loop shrinks and tightens on the phone.


Although most modern phones have lanyard holes, a few do not. If this is the case, small, adhesive buttons can be purchased that make accessorising any cell phone possible.

Things You'll Need

  • Paper clip, optional
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