How to Make an Easy Drawstring Bag

Updated April 17, 2017

You can make an easy drawstring bag in less than half an hour with a pillowcase and grommets. Place the grommets through the two layers of fabric close to the base of the wide hem or cuff at the top of the pillowcase to create a sturdy closure. You can buy pillowcases on sale and make a variety of inexpensive, no-sew drawstring bags for the kids to take to summer camp or to use for laundry bags. Make several more drawstring bags for storing quilts and other linens or out-of-season clothing.

Lay the pillowcase on a firm, flat surface. Measure around the top of the pillowcase in inches, and divide the measurement by two. This determines how many grommets you will need, as you will place one every 2 inches.

Mark a dot every 2 inches around the pillowcase about 1 inch above the seam at the base of the hem or wide cuff at the top of the case. Cut a small hole through the fabric at each dot with the tip of your scissors.

Push a grommet through a cut hole in the fabric, and load a washer onto the grommet pliers, following the manufacturer’s instructions. Position the pillowcase between the jaws of the grommet pliers, aligning the grommet with the washer, and squeeze the pliers firmly. Repeat the process to insert grommets through each hole.

Insert one end of the cord through a grommet from the front side of the pillowcase and then push the end of the cord back to the front through the next grommet. Continue threading the cord through the grommets until you reach the starting point.

Grasp both ends of the cord in one hand, 6 inches from the ends. Wrap the ends of the cord around your index and middle fingers to form a loop, and tuck the ends of the cord through the loop. Pull the ends of the cord firmly to create a secure knot.


Practice putting a grommet or two through a scrap of fabric before inserting grommets through your pillowcase. Wrap the end of the cord tightly with tape to make threading it through the grommets easier.

Things You'll Need

  • Pillowcase
  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Grommets
  • Grommet pliers
  • 1/4-inch cord
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