How to Adjust Thule Foot Packs

Updated February 21, 2017

Thule foot packs are rack systems that go on your vehicle to carry loads that will not fit inside your vehicle. This is one of the few rack types permissible on Germany's renowned Autobahn, and it had to go through a lot of scrutinising tests for safety and effectiveness before it was allowed on the Autobahn. The foot packs go on the rack on the top of your car to secure the load you place on them. They are adjustable so that they remain tight and hold well. There are several different models of Thule foot packs on the market, so refer to your own specific installation instructions, but here is a general rundown of how adjustments are made.

Wash the roof of your car thoroughly. Let it air-dry or use a fan. Either way, the roof must be clean and free of debris, dirt and grime.

Open all vehicle doors.

Attach the rubber foot pads to the feet of the racks. Rubber foot pads are included in the fit kit.

Pull out on the tensioning cam and pull up on the aero foot.

Slide the bar into the foot.

Pull out the tape measure that is included in the fit kit.

Measure the bar as indicated in the manual (every brand is different), and place the front feet in the proper roof position.

Repeat for the back feet.

Refer to the manual and install the brackets from the fit kit onto the handle and convex washer (if there is one). The brackets attach to the door frame.

Place the end caps on to the bars.

Use the measuring tape as you did before to remeasure the bars. Adjust them by following Steps 4 and 5. You can reposition the bars as needed. Use caution when aligning the nuts and bolts to avoid cross-threading.


You can stand on the edge of the car door opening to secure the Thule feet.

Things You'll Need

  • Fit kit (not included in Thule packages)
  • Soap
  • Water
  • Sponge
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