How to Transfer Contacts From One iPhone to Another

Updated February 21, 2017

Apple regularly releases new versions of its iPhone. If you have recently purchased or acquired a new iPhone, transfer the contacts from your old iPhone to your new iPhone so you can keep working without missing a beat. Transfer these contacts via the iTunes application, which is available on both Apple and Windows-based computers. If you are running iCloud, add your device to the Cloud and your contacts automatically synchronise with your new iPhone.

Plug your existing iPhone into your computer and open iTunes. If you're connected via your Wi-Fi, your phone appears in the iTunes primary window. Your iPhone's icon appears in the left column.

Select your iPhone from the list of devices, and click "Info" near the top of the window. This window allows you to set the options for synchronising your contacts.

Set the synchronisation. In Windows, select "Sync Contacts with." On a Mac, check the "Sync Address Book Contacts" box at the top of the window. Then click the radio button next to "All Contacts."

Click the "Sync" button at the bottom right corner of the screen. Contacts from your iPhone sync with your computer. Your computer address book now matches the contact list on your old iPhone.

Eject the old iPhone by clicking the "Eject" button next the icon of your iPhone.

Plug the new iPhone into your computer or add it to your Wi-Fi. Select your iPhone from the list of devices.

Click "Info" and check the box next to "Sync Contacts with" in Windows. On a Mac, select "Sync Address Book Contacts." Confirm that the radio button next to "All Contacts" is selected.

Scroll down and locate the Advanced menu. Under the options to "Replace information on this iPhone," check the box next to "Contacts." This allows the new iPhone to import the contacts on your computer onto the phone.

Click the "Sync" button to synchronise the contacts from your computer, which are identical to the contacts from your old iPhone, to your new iPhone.

Things You'll Need

  • USB or Wi-Fi connection
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