How to Fix a Google Forbidden 403 Error

Updated February 21, 2017

If you have a website that your users cannot access because they get a "Google Forbidden 403 Error," you will have to fix the permissions settings on your computer. This error can occur if your users are clicking on a Web page through Google Search. The error is usually caused when users have limited access to a Web domain. Once you change the permissions, users will be able to access the Web page without getting an error message.

Go to "Start," then "Settings," then "Control Panel."

Click on "Administrative Tools," then "Internet Information Services."

Right-click on the appropriate directory. Hit the "Properties" link on the drop-down menu.

Choose the "Directory Security" link under "Properties." Select "Edit" under "Anonymous Access."

Click the box for "Anonymous Access" and hit "OK."

Select the "Directory" link under "Properties." Check off the "Read" box only and hit "OK."

Navigate to the Web page once again and make sure the "Forbidden 403 Error" message is gone.


If you are a user trying to visit a forbidden Web page, try accessing the website through a different browser.

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