How to Add an External Hard Drive for a Sony PSP

Updated March 23, 2017

A Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) needs a drive to store the saved game, video and audio files. Normally this is done via a Memory Stick Duo card. It is possible to store the data on a dedicated external hard drive. A PC can be used as a bridge between the two devices or as the drive itself. The PSP is not opened during this process, meaning it stays under warranty, and the hard drives can store a lot more data than the Memory Stick Duo cards.

Access the "Music," "Video" or "Games" option on the PSP main menu. Highlight the "Memory Stick" option below one of these. This will display the files stored on the memory card.

Connect the PSP to your PC, with the PSP to external USB hard drive connection cable.

Select "USB Connection" from the PSP's "Settings" menu and press the X button. A confirmation screen will show you that the devices are in communication. The PC will now recognise the PSP's memory.

Create a folder on the PC to store the files. Access the PSP memory on the PC through the connection, select the files that you wish to transfer and copy and paste them to the new folder. When the desired files have finished transferring, disconnect the PSP from the PC. Transfer the files on the PC to your new storage device such as the hard drive, an SD card, a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. To transfer files back to the PSP, simply copy the files back to the folders on the PSP using the USB connection.

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