How to Change the Battery in a Creative ZEN

If you purchased your Creative Zen second-hand or if you have had it for quite some time, you may experience a dead battery. Indications of a dead battery may be the battery dying a short time after you have charged it fully. Unfortunately, Creative does not offer instructions for changing the battery, so be careful when opening and operating on the device because it may void your warranty. The battery replacement can be found on sites like eBay or

Ensure the device is powered down, and remove the small card located on the right side of the Zen.

Separate the two components connecting the Zen V Plus. Use the metal spatula between the grooves of the device to open the device. Use your prying tool to pry open the device, which will be separated into two pieces. Pry open both components from the sides.

Remove the four screws on the top that hold the motherboard (green) to the unit. One screen is located on the long side of the Zen, two screws are located near the USB port side of the device and the last screw is located on the corner of the long side of the MP3 player. The wires are very delicate, so be careful to not damage them.

Remove screws from the sides of the device. There are four. One screw is located on the long side of the Zen, two screws are located on the short end by the USB port and the last screw is located on the long side of the Zen. Open the device as if you are about to turn the page to a book. There are two tabs located near the bottom of the device; remove the device from those two tabs.

Replace the battery. The battery is connected using glue, so be careful when removing it from the metal faceplate. The battery is located under the motherboard. De-solder the two wires connecting the battery to the motherboard, and install a new battery by soldering the two wires back to the motherboard. Close the motherboard over the battery, and put the four screws back on the side of the device. Screw the next four screws from the top inside the device. Connect the two outer enclosures together; they will snap in place.

Things You'll Need

  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Small metal spatula
  • Prying tool
  • Computer repair kit
  • Soldering iron
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