How to Make a 3D Snake Beading

Updated July 20, 2017

It is relatively easy to make a beaded snake, but making a 3D beaded snake is a bit more challenging. To make a 3D beaded snake it's best to use the tubular peyote stitch. There are many kits and patterns available for sale on the Web, but here you will get free instructions on how to make a 3D beaded snake.

Thread your needle and add eight seed beads. Leave six inches of thread as the tail, then run your needle through all eight beads. Now run your needle through the first of the eight beads you added and pull tightly to make a circle.

Add one bead then run the needle through the third bead from the top. Add another bead, skip one bead, then run the needle through the next bead. Do this four times. Then pass your needle through the first bead you added in this step to get ready for the next row.

Repeat the step above, adding four beads each round and running the thread through every other bead to secure the new beads you added. Do this until your snake is the desired length.

Make the head by adding more beads, then reducing the amount of beads you add, tightening the thread as you go until you have created a head shape that you like.

Make the tail by rethreading your needle through the bottom part of the snake and making concentric circles, as you did in Step 1, but with fewer and fewer beads until the tail tapers off and is the length you choose.

Things You'll Need

  • Seed beads, size 6, 8 or 11
  • Beading needles
  • Beading thread
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