How to create your own ID cards

Updated April 17, 2017

Identification cards, or ID cards, serve a purpose in the workplace both for coworkers and customers. ID cards can also be used for events, functions and parties. There are several choices for types of ID cards depending on purpose, preference and budget.

Count the number of people for whom you will need to make the ID cards. Often, printers or sign makers give a discount for large quantities. Also, if you are purchasing them yourself to make, you'll need to know the quantity. Check with another trusted person in the company to make sure you have not forgotten anyone.

Decide what information you want to display on the ID cards. Do you want the company, organisation or team logo on the ID cards? Determine whether you want the person's job title and/or photo, team nickname or other identifying title on the cards.

Double-check the spelling of names and verify job titles. Once printed, the ID cards may be expensive to replace, so make sure you have accurate information.

Decide on the type of ID cards you want to make. Options for ID cards are clip-on or magnetic plastic badges, rectangular stickers, paper insert in a plastic sleeve, lanyards and laminated squares of paper.

If using a photo, take the pictures before making the ID cards. Use a digital camera to take the photos, then upload them onto your computer. You can use an online photo editing website such as if you do not have an application to edit the photo.

Regardless of the type of ID card you choose to make--wallet IDs or inserts for a plastic sleeve--you will need to print the "card" first. Create the card in Microsoft Word by using the labels wizard in "Envelopes and Labels" found under "Tools" in the drop-down options on top.

Put all of the information on the IDs, including the photo, then print the cards in colour or in black and white.

Laminated squares of paper are one of the most inexpensive ways to create your own ID cards. Laminate the piece of paper you printed to create a more permanent ID card. Local printers can laminate the cards for you, or go to a craft store or office supply store to buy laminating plastic and do it yourself.

A paper insert in a plastic sleeve is also an inexpensive way to create your own ID cards. Use the ID cards that you printed to insert into the plastic sleeves. The plastic sleeves can then be put on a lanyard (thick strap that goes around the neck), or can be the type that clip onto a collar or front shirt pocket. You can buy the plastic sleeves at any office supply store.


When buying plastic sleeves or stickers at an office supply store, buy more than you need in case you hire more employees or hold another event in the future. If you are including a photo on the ID card and you want uniformity in the quality of photos, take them yourself.


If using a photo, make sure there is enough room on the ID cards for the rest of the information.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital camera (optional)
  • Computer
  • Microsoft Word
  • Printer
  • Paper
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