How to Get Paid for Recycled Paper

Updated February 21, 2017

Recycling paper is on of the easiest ways to make an environmental impact, but many people are not aware that it is also possible to supplement your income by offering to recycle paper on a large scale. You will have to track down steady sources that can offer a lot of scrap paper for you to make a decent amount of money from recycling it. In addition you will need to have a reliable means of transportation with ample space to hold the paper for your trip to the recycling plant.

Contact local business about their recycling programmes. Look for local office buildings and businesses and talk to the managers about their recycling plans. Offer your services to them if they have no central recycling programme. Ask your landlord or others in your apartment complex if you can set up a few recycling bins around.

Contact a recycling company in your local area that pays for paper. Visit the recycling site and talk to them in person about how much paper you will need to recycle in order to make a profit. Arrange a drop off time with them. If you have a steady source of paper to recycle you might consider setting up weekly or monthly visits to the recycling plant.

Pick up the paper from your sources on a timely basis and make sure that you have advertised your recycling services adequately. If people are not thoroughly informed on the locations of recycling bins they will most likely throw away their used paper products. Sort through the paper to ensure there are no prohibited items such as items that have been in contact with food or paper treated with harsh chemicals. The recycling facility you work with will have a list of items they cannot accept so familiarise yourself with these. Take your paper to the recycling plant or centre on the scheduled day.

Things You'll Need

  • Reliable vehicle
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