How to legally put flyers on cars

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For just about any business these days, every advertising dollar has to work twice as hard as before in order to keep the business "in the black." One inexpensive way to draw attention to your business is to print flyers and place them under the windshields of cars at car parks. Under certain circumstances, you can legally place your business flyers on car windshields.

Check the premises for "no solicitation" signs. Placing flyers on car windshields is considered commercial solicitation. If the doors to the grocery store or mall -- or the grounds of a stadium car park -- have signs posted that say "no solicitation," you may not distribute flyers at all on the premises. It doesn't matter whether you hand them to patrons or leave them on the cars, it's not legal.

Apply for a commercial solicitation license. If you have a business license, many cities will issue a commercial solicitation license. There is a fee, and there may be restrictions on how long the solicitation license is good for.

Be prepared to pay a fine for littering. If you've determined that it is legal to leave the flyers on cars and you've got all the necessary permits, you may still be penalised by the city or by the car park owner if too many auto owners leave the flyers on the pavement. Since your business information is on the flyer, the lot owners will know whom to fine for littering.

Check for different rules for non-profit organisations. In many municipalities, you still cannot break the posted "no soliciting" rule, but you do not need a permit to advertise non-profit events or services including church bazaars, charity auctions or other fund-raising activities, or basic information about the non-profit itself.

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