How to Fold a Futon Bed

Updated March 23, 2017

Folding a futon bed can result in frustration if you do not know how to do it properly. You can also damage the frame of the futon if you try to fold the bed incorrectly. Getting a futon folded allows you to use the bed as a couch and provides more room for walking around. Having the futon folded up on a regular basis will remain difficult if you do not learn how to fold the futon quickly.

Lift up on the long outside edge of the futon frame. If you lift the legs of the futon off the floor, you are lifting on the wrong side of the bed.

Push the frame back and down at the same time. This step can take time to get just right. If you are completing this step correctly, you will feel the bed begin to move.

Set the edge of the frame down once the futon is folded. The futon will look like a couch if it is folded correctly.


Do not try pulling on the back of the futon frame while pushing down on the front -- this will only make the process harder.

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