How to Create a PDF From Multiple JPEG Files

Updated March 23, 2017

The Portable Document Format (PDF) file is used to convert virtually any type of file into a format that can be viewed by anyone, even if someone doesn't own a program such as Adobe InDesign or Microsoft Excel. There are various ways to create PDFs. If you have multiple files, you don't have to spend time converting each one. Use Adobe Acrobat, the program used to create and manage PDF documents. Acrobat will let you create one document, or multiple documents from multiple files. For converting JPEG files, you also can choose to create a PDF from Adobe Photoshop.

Edit the JPEG files in Adobe Photoshop or other photo editing program. Crop them to the size and resolution you want them to be before converting them into one file.

Open Adobe Acrobat.

Under "File," select "Create PDF." Click "Batch Create Multiple Files."

Select "Add Files." Click "Add Files or Add Folders."

Browse your computer for the JPEG files you are going to convert. Click "CTRL" to highlight multiple files at once. Use the dialogue boxes to arrange the files in the order you want them in the PDF. Click "OK."

Save the new PDF file with a new name and destination folder.


Set up the document exactly how you want it to look in a photo editor or design program such as Adobe InDesign. It may be easier to lay out the multiple photos in a separate program before converting them into one PDF file. For instance, create one Photoshop file by placing multiple JPEGS into one document. When you are satisfied with the layout, click "File, Save As." Save as "Photoshop PDF." Click "Save." Likewise, import the photos into Adobe InDesign and design the document. Once finished, click "File, Export." Choose "PDF" to convert the file.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Acrobat
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