How to Change a Last Name on PayPal

Updated March 23, 2017

Changing your last name can be time consuming, whether the name change is due to a marriage or other personal choice. After your name change with PayPal is complete, you will need to notify your creditors and any institutions you have accounts with. PayPal does not let you automatically change your name online; however, a name change request can be performed online. PayPal manually reviews each name change request, which is part of their effort to reduce online fraud.

Log in to your PayPal account. Scroll down to the bottom of the account management screen and select "Contact Us."

Click "Send" under the Email subheading. This will open the Topic box. Select "My Account" from the Topic box, and then select "Name Change" under the subheading.

Type a short message that includes the reason why you are changing your last name, and click "Continue." This will bring you to the Name Change questionnaire.

Select "Personal Name," and then type your current full name (as it appears on your PayPal account) and your new last name. Add any other details (optional) under the "Additional" box, and then click "Continue" to send your request to PayPal.

Wait for PayPal to review your request and provide additional documentation, if necessary. You will receive an e-mail response confirming your request. Documents, such as a court order or marriage certificate may be requested, depending on the situation. Follow PayPal's instructions to provide such documentation, if required.


If you cannot provide documentation to back up your name change, or if you are trying to change the last name on your PayPal account to someone else's last name, your request will likely be denied.

Things You'll Need

  • PayPal account
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