How to Disable Ink Levels for the Canon IP6700

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canon IP6700 monitors ink levels based on a small chip inside of the ink cartridge. If you refill ink cartridges instead of replacing them with new ones, the printer will not recognise the cartridge as being full and will display warning messages each time you attempt to print a document. These messages are a nuisance and can sometimes even prevent you from printing. With a few changes, you can disable the ink cartridge monitor for each of your Canon IP6700 ink cartridges so that you no longer receive these warning messages.

Print documents until you receive a message instructing you to refill one of the ink cartridges. The message will display which ink cartridge the printer recognises as low. Click on "OK" to continue printing.

Click "Yes" to confirm printing. Click "Yes" again to agree to release Canon from being liable to damages to your printer due to printing with inadequate ink levels. A new dialogue box will appear.

Press and hold the "Resume," "OK" or "Reset" button on the printer control panel for five seconds or until the dialogue box disappears. Note that this button will normally be flashing on your printer.

Print as you normally would. Note that this process disables ink cartridge levels for a specific ink cartridge (chip) until they are replaced. Follow this process when prompted for each ink cartridge. As long as you continue using the same ink cartridge (or ink cartridge chip) you will never again see an ink level warning.


If you want to continue seeing no ink level warning dialogue box, then extract the chip from the cartridge that you disabled ink level for and place it in the new cartridge. Alternatively you can reset the chips in the ink cartridges using an ink cartridge "resetter" instead of disabling the ink cartridge monitor.

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