How to Spot a Fake Seiko Watch

Updated April 17, 2017

Watch counterfeiters usually focus on the appearance of a watch rather than the technical parts, according to Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry. The biggest profits involve knock-offs of luxury watches, but brands such as Seiko are also showing up in faux versions, or in this case, "Feikos." A popular counterfeit Seiko style is the Seiko 5 automatic, but because counterfeiters don't make as much per-watch profit with nonluxury brands, they tend to be less precise with the details, which is often where you can find the mistakes.

Turn the watch over to look at the case back. Seiko has had glass display backs since 2002, and before that they were stainless steel, but never plastic. Seiko watches generally have a semi-transparent blue or clear protective sticker, while fakes sometimes have a clear sticker with a red line running through, or a hologram sticker.

Find the logo on the face of the watch and compare it to the Seiko website. It should be spelt correctly and in the same typeface.

Check that the hands, markers, chronograph, dial, case, logo and other accents are all uniform in colour. You shouldn't see some gold, and others silver, as this is a result of spare parts being used to put the watch together.

Watch the hand motion. Replicas use cheaper mechanisms that often make the hands move in a jerky manner.

Look for the serial number on the watch. Authentic Seikos don't have anything printed above the serial number, but some "Feikos" have the country of origin printed above the serial number.


If you are shopping for a Seiko watch over the Internet and want to know if it's the real deal, visit for a list of authorised vendors.

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