How to Make a Plan to Build a Garage

Updated February 21, 2017

Is can be costly to have a professional architect design a plan for a custom garage. Usually, architects charge by the hour, which can add an enormous expense to your building budget. Luckily, you can design the floor plans for a custom garage easily using the 3D Home Architect program, right from your home computer. Making your own floor plan allows you to have total control of the overall design and can save you time and money.

Install the 3D Home Architect program onto your computer. You can purchase the full version of 3D Home Architect at any software supply store, or you can save money by downloading the free version at Downloads.NL (see Resources). If you chose to download the program, go to the main page of Downloads.NL, and click on the link called "Download 3D." The program will begin to download immediately and will be ready in minutes.

Open up a new design file by clicking the "File" tab at the top of the page. When the list drops down, click on the selection called "New." A white screen will appear, ready to contain your design schematics.

Draw out the walls of your garage by clicking on the image of a wall at the top of the screen. Click and hold down the mouse button while you drag the wall across your design. The dimensions will appear automatically as you draw.

Insert automobiles into the design. This can allow you to gain a better perspective on your garage design, enabling you to make adjustments where necessary. Click on the icon of a chair at the top of the screen. A window will appear containing different rooms. Click on the room called "Garage and Autos." Select the car you like, and click on it. Click onto your design to insert the car.

Insert doors and window into your garage by clicking on the icon of a door at the top of the screen. A window will appear containing different door and window choices. Click on the door or window you like, and click onto your design where you would like the door or window to be. Continue to do this until you have placed all of the doors and windows into your design.

Add a roof to your custom garage. Click on the image of a roof at the top of the screen. When a new window pops up, select the pitch and composition of the roof, then click "OK." The roof will automatically appear on your garage design. Your plan for a garage is now complete. You can use this design to build your own garage, or you can take it to an architect or building inspector for a professional stamp of approval.

Things You'll Need

  • 3D Home Architect program
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