How to Remove Mud Flaps

Many passenger trucks and vans have mud flaps installed behind the rear wheels. The mud flaps serve two purposes: They keep mud from being slung onto the windshield of the car behind you, and they keep debris from damaging the paint on your own vehicle. Despite these functions, some people prefer not to keep the mud flaps on their vehicles. Removing them is a simple task that you can complete in just a few minutes.

Park the vehicle on a hard level surface. Locate the mud flap connectors by crouching next to one of the rear tires and looking up under the body of the vehicle. You will see two or three plastic connectors that hold the mud flap in place.

Insert the blade of a flat head screwdriver between one of the connectors and the mud flap. The blade of the screwdriver should be roughly the width of the connector's diameter.

Pull the handle of the screwdriver away from the mud flap to pry the connector loose. The connector will snap. Repeat the process for the other connectors holding the mud flap to the vehicle, then repeat the process for the mud flap located behind the other rear wheel.


Wear protective eyewear when removing mud flap connectors to prevent getting debris or connector pieces into your eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
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