How to fill a grease gun with bulk grease

Updated February 21, 2017

Virtually all grease guns can be loaded with bulk grease, and although there are self contained tubes that can be inserted inside grease guns, bulk grease is still a viable option. Loading up a grease gun using the bulk method can be done with any sized bulk grease container. There are essentially two ways to do this, and you'll have to decided which way suits your needs the best.

Unscrew the barrel of your grease gun from the grease head in a counterclockwise direction.

Insert the open end of the barrel into a bulk grease container. If possible, warm the grease up to room temperature so that it flows easier.

Pull the grease handle backwards while the end is immersed in the grease. This will literally cause the grease to get sucked up into the barrel.

Latch the handle when it is drawn all the way out with the latching handle clasp which is built into virtually every grease gun.

Pull the barrel out of the bulk grease container and screw the head back on.

Release the handle clasp and allow the grease to settle.

Push in the air relief valve on the top of the head and pump the handle a few times until grease begins to flow out of the relief. This action purges the air from the grease gun so that when you pump the handle, only grease will flow.

Unscrew the barrel of your grease gun from the grease head in a counterclockwise direction.

Pull back the handle of your gun and latch it with the locking clasp.

Dip your putty knife into the bulk grease container and scoop some out.

Pack the grease into the open end of the barrel. Keep scooping grease out until the gun is almost full.

Screw the head of the gun back on when finished packing the barrel. Release the locking clasp and purge the gun of air.


Filling a grease gun with bulk grease usually gets extremely messy. Plan on using several rags to wipe off the gun and your hands. Wear latex gloves if you are allergic to grease or don't want to deal with grease covering your skin.

Things You'll Need

  • Grease gun
  • Putty knife--small size
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