How to Mount & Frame Dried Flowers

Updated July 13, 2018

Decorating in a country motif is sometimes a matter of finding creative, homey touches to add to a room. Framed dried flowers that match your decor are one way to brighten up a wall. Whether you have an entire framed bouquet or just a few sprays of blossoms, you can mat and frame dried flowers to create an attractive decorative object for your room.

Lay out the mat material on a table or other flat surface. Place the flowers on the mat in an attractive arrangement.

Pick up the flowers one by one and glue each flower to the mat board with craft glue. Use only a small amount of glue to keep the arrangement neat. Allow the glue to dry.

Turn the hardware on the back of the frame to open and remove the back. Set aside the back and any papers that may be present inside the frame. Leave the glass in the frame, with the frame facing toward the table.

Place the mat frame into the picture frame on top of the glass. Make sure that this frame is a colour that harmonises with the flowers and that the frame opening leaves space all around the flower arrangement.

Place a frame spacer on the right and left side of the frame, on top of the mat frame. Frame spacers are long plastic strips that separate the mat frame from the contents of the frame such as your flowers. The spacers will keep the glass from crushing your flower bouquet.

Place the mat with the flowers on top of the spacers in the picture frame. Replace the back of the picture frame and twist the hardware to secure the back of the frame.

Things You'll Need

  • Dried flowers
  • Picture frame
  • Mat material
  • Craft glue
  • Mat frame
  • Frame spacers
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