How to Change the Manual Transmission Fluid for a Honda Civic

Updated March 23, 2017

The manual transmission fluid change on all Honda Civics use the drain and fill process. The transmission fluid inside of the manual transmission on the Honda Civic protects all of the gears and bearings by lubricating them to prevent heat friction and breakages. Once the manual transmission fluid breaks down on the Honda Civic, it does not effectively protect the inside parts of the transmission. This can cause significant damage to the transmission.

Drive the car around to heat up the transmission fluid. Hot transmission fluid becomes thin and easier to drain.

Park the car on a even surface and turn the engine off.

Jack the car up on both sides, and place the jack stands behind each tire in the designated area for holding the jack stand. The Honda Civic has a bracket with grooves behind each front tire that the jack stands sit under. Let the car down on the jack stands, and make sure that the jack stands are stable under the car.

Locate the fill plug on the transmission. Remove the fill plug from the manual transmission by using the 17mm socket and ratchet. Turn the plug counterclockwise to loosen and remove the fill plug.

Put the drain pan under the drain plug. Remove the drain plug by putting the 3/8 head of the ratchet into the square hole and turning the plug counterclockwise to remove the plug. Set the plug to the side, and let all of the fluid drain out of the manual transmission. Then reinsert the drain plug and screw the plug back down tight.

Add the manual transmission fluid to the manual transmission from the top of the engine. Put long plastic tubing on the funnel. There is a opening to the left hand side of the car battery that goes straight down to the manual transmission fill hole. Push the tube down this opening until the end of the plastic tube has reached the opening of the transmission fill hole.

Go under the car and insert the plastic hose into the fill plug of the transmission. Then go back to the top of the engine.

Pour 2 quarts of the Honda manual transmission fluid into the fill hole. Once the transmission fluid starts coming out of the fill hole, go back under the car and remove the plastic tube. Reinsert the fill plug and screw the fill plug back down tight. The recommended torque specs for the drain plug and the fill plug on the Honda Civic manual transmission is 33ft. lbs.

Remove the drain pan. Jack the car up and remove the jack stands. Crank the engine and go through all of the gears to allow the new manual transmission fluid to get into all of the gears and seals. Turn the engine off.


The recommended manual transmission fluid change is 30,000 miles on most Honda Civics.


Always wear safety glasses when working around transmission fluid. Make sure that the jack stands are evenly and securely holding the car before climbing under the car.

Things You'll Need

  • Jack
  • Jack stands
  • 3/8 ratchet
  • Drain pan
  • 17mm socket
  • Funnel
  • Long plastic tube
  • Honda manual transmission fluid
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