How to change a tyre on a Ford Ka

Wikimedia Commons

The Ford Ka is contemporary compact with the standard four wheels and a spare. The Ka has 32.5 cm (13 inch) tyres that are held on with four lug nuts. Some models have a cover over the lugs that you will need to remove before you can access the lug nuts.

All the tools you'll need to change a tyre on your Ford Ka will be stored away neatly inside the boot.

Loosen the lug nuts on the tyre you want to change. Use the wheel brace to turn the lug nuts firmly to loosen, but do not remove them.

Find the jack-point underneath the car and place the jack there. The Ford Ka cars will have specific jacking instructions on where to place the jack. If in doubt, locate the mainframe member or jacking plate nearest the wheel to be changed, and place the jack there.

Raise the jack by turning the handle until the jack extends and begins to lift the car. Raise the car until the tyre is about 15 cm (6 inches) off the ground.

Remove the lug nuts with the wheel brace and set them off to the side. Remove the tyre by grasping it firmly at the six o'clock and nine o'clock position and pulling it off the car.

Roll the new tyre into position and line up the holes with the lugs. Lift the tyre up and onto the lugs. Push it all the way onto the wheel. Hold it there with one hand while you thread the lug nuts back on the lugs with your other hand.

Tighten the lug nuts with the wheel brace just enough to hold the tyre securely in place.

Lower the Ka with the jack until the wheel sits firmly on the ground. Pull the jack out and away from the car.

Tighten the lug nuts firmly. Put away the wheel brace and the jack, as well as the old tyre.