How to Fix Squeaking Rubber Shoes

Updated February 21, 2017

Squeaking rubber shoes are a common problem. Especially if you purchase less expensive shoes. Shoes made from leather squeak much less often, but ones made from rubber, plastics, and other synthetics have a much greater chance of causing that annoying sound everywhere you walk. Follow these steps to fix squeaking rubber shoes.

Look at the heel of the shoe. A common problem is a slight detachment of the heel from the rest of the sole of the shoe. When this happens, a squeaking sound is sure to follow. If you find it is detaching, use some rubber cement or crazy glue to reattach it. Be sure to wait overnight before wearing the shoe to allow time for drying.

Sprinkle powder on both the inside and outside of the shoe. Then twist and rub the shoe, working the powder into the entire surface, both in and out. Any powder will do, though the thicker the better, so a foot powder would work better than baby powder. The idea is to use the powder both as a drying and light sanding agent. If there is a hint of moisture or a slight abrasion somewhere along the surface, this should take care of it.

Sand the sole of the shoe. Use a very light grit sandpaper (240 or higher) and run over the soles until they look worn in. Sand in small circles over the entire sole. Occasionally, the squeaking rubber shoes will simply have a shiny coating left over from manufacturing that would wear off in time anyway. Sanding simply speeds up the process.

Put your shoe in the drier on low for about 20 minutes. If any moisture remains in the shoe, this will get rid of it. This works particularly well in humid climates, as moisture has a tendency to build up in even a well-worn shoe.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber cement
  • Foot powder
  • Sandpaper (240 grit)
  • Household drier
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