The Best Way to Prevent the Rubber Seals on a Car From Perishing

Updated April 17, 2017

The most common rubber seals on vehicles, and possibly the most important to maintain, are your head gaskets. The head gaskets keep your engine sealed properly and allow for effective and efficient ignition and combustion. This process is vital for a properly running engine on your vehicle. There are many factors that contribute to rubber seals failing and eventually becoming deteriorated and destroyed. Deteriorated and failed rubber seals can cause major damage to your engine, and this should be prevented by properly maintaining your engine.

Keep your rubber seals well lubricated. Replacing or lubricating head gaskets is a timely and costly process that is usually not undertaken by an amateur mechanic. This is due to the fact that a large part of your engine must be disassembled in order to get to the head gaskets. The labour involved makes it a costly endeavour when hiring a mechanic. Therefore, it is important that your head gasket be properly installed and lubricated when the engine is first built and during replacement of a head gasket, to prevent the early deterioration of this important element of your engine.

Avoid engine overheating. Many factors can contribute to a failed and deteriorated head gasket or rubber seal, but the most common reason for failed seals is due to vehicles overheating. This overheating can be a result of leaking and damaged water pumps, disconnected or damaged liquid coolant tubing, broken thermostats and other conditions. Make sure to monitor your engine temperature to prevent the destruction of your rubber seals.

Maintain the timing of your vehicle. When the combustion of your engine gets out of sync, the incorrect combustion process causes damage to your rubber seals on your engine. Maintain your spark plugs, timing and other electronic combustion modules to ensure proper engine combustion and to prevent rubber seals from perishing.

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